The Altan Ord (Mongolian for Golden Horde) is a nomadic tribal confederation which conquered Shintolin after years of warfare. Led by a Grand Dahlia and commanded by his captains, it is a martial society opposed to settled civilization.

The Altan OrdEdit

The Altan Ord is known to be made up of different tribal groups, as opposed to consisting of a homogenous ethnic or tribal people. Dominant amongst these are the Pancake Knights, the Followers of Destruction, Nexals, the Serriya, and other warrior tribes from beyond the wasteland. Its leader is called the Grand Dahlia, named for the most successful warrior in Shintolin, Brad Dahlia, who still holds that title. It is unknown how such leadership was chosen.
While generally nomadic in nature, the Ord has been known to settle down for periods of time in organized settlements, such as Detroit and Chicago, or take advantage of Nexal settlements for shelter. However, the dominant culture of the group is strongly opposed to existence of all structures, seeking to tear buildings and settlements down, regardless of ownership. They are known for renaming captured towns to bear the name of Dahlia, before destroying the town completely.
Politically, the Altan Ord rarely aligns themselves alongside anyone aside from their long-time allies, the Nexal War Band. The alliance between Ord and Warband was established early in the Ord's existence and has continued uninterrupted up to the current day. Other alliances have been brief, such as one with Castle Clover, and another with the Red Lemon Empire. These have mostly been alliances of opportunity, and were quickly broken in favor of attacking the former ally.


The Altan Ord has waged nearly uninterrupted warfare against the settled peoples of Shintolin since its very inception, focusing its attacks primarily on the northern regions of the map. After successful wars against the Draugr Empire, they were hired by the Nexal War Band, under Tomb King Berserkas, to assist in a campaign to purge the entire north of anti-Nexal settlements. Having already planned to lay waste to every settlement in the north independently, the Ord accepted and began a long-lasting relationship with the War Band.

The Ord swept through the Red Lemon Empire, destroying its capitol and scattering its population. They besieged the Strongholm Marshes and razed Strongholm and its subject settlement, killing all the inhabitants, ending the settling of the Marshes for good. Many more settlements fell in this campaign, including Babylon, Town Laser Explosion, and Hillside Tavern, driving many settlers south or to Nexal towns.
For a time, following these victories, the Ord's presence diminished, and sightings of the nomads grew less and less frequent, though Brad Dahlia and John Ibans continued their killings uninterrupted.

However, after a year and a half, the Ord once again burst upon the scene - summoned by the Grand Dahlia. Once again attacking the settlements which had once again settled the north, they sought to again establish themselves as the dominant power in the north. Garhepsted, already in the process of evacuation, was looted and destroyed, and its defenders killed. The Ord then besieged Castle Clover, the stronghold belonging to the defenders of Garhepsted, but after a lengthy siege were repelled.

However, during the siege, a new enemy had emerged, an army of zergs who were attacking both Ord and the Nexal Empire, and the Ord quickly allied with the Cloverites against them. The zergs were supported by the Iceni of Greystrand Iceni, which led to war between the Ord and the Iceni. Greystrand Iceni was abandoned and then destroyed, and the Iceni fled to Castle Greyskullstrand, on the Scavenger Isles.

Once again, the presence of the Ord dropped off for a time, until a new army was raised on the anniversary of the Grand Dahlia's birth. This new army, commanded by veteran captains of the Ord, was mostly made of unskilled warriors, but still outnumbered any of their foes. They began by destroying low-population settlements such as Fort Valour, Flower of Light, and Mos Eisley, before turning their attention to Castle Clover. This time, instead of an all out siege, the new warriors pretended to be refugees from the wrath of the Ord, a cover which worked surprisingly well. Once the attackers were prepared, the veterans mounted the walls via a siege tower, and the infiltrators murdered the defenders. However, once again the Zerg army arrived, this time possessing not only ivory spears but a Hammer of the Gods, and the attackers were all dazed. Unable to compete with the sheer numbers of the zerg army and their Iceni supporters, the Ord withdrew, and several captains of the Ord disappeared.

The new warriors, under new captains, retreated to Foghaven, an old settlement the Ord had used for years to store loot in. Finding it occupied by a hostile force, they evicted the residents, and changed the name to Piehaven, Detroit, and eventually Pietroit. Here they ceased raiding and took up farming and baking pies, much to the joy of the other settlements. However, they were also training their combat and wanderer skills, and soon had full combat skills and swimming, and attacked Castle Greyskullstrand, murdering the Iceni and tearing it down. They then established the town of Chicago on the banks of the lake nearby, constructing it quickly despite attacks by the zerg army.

During this construction, one of the missing captains returned, and immediately infiltrated Facepalm Springs, turned on its inhabitants, murdered them and destroyed the town, despite attacks from both the zerg and Castle Clover. The captain, Robert Lucas, claimed to have been hired by an unnamed person to destroy the town, which had been very recently mired in controversy, following claims of textrape by its leader, Redrum.

Following this, the Ord regrouped and attacked Brooksville, an unwalled settlement in the Feral Hills. The population was killed and the town destroyed. The Ord then travelled to the Westwood, and attacked Stygian Warrens and then A Village in the Woods, in quick succession, the second town being controlled by the zerg. Both were razed to ground, and the inhabitants killed. Following this, the Ord marched on Bugville, in the northern reaches of the Northern Crags. After a spirited defense, the town fell, and was razed to the ground.
During the siege on Bugville, the Ord alleged that the leader of A Nice Way — with whom they'd had a non-aggression pact and a no-revive pact — had violated the agreement by reviving Aichon, a notorious enemy of the Ord. They besieged the town, killed its members and tore everything down.

The North now clear of any threats, the Ord then marched on Castle Clover for the last time. No longer worried about the zerg threat or low skills, they launched an immediate assault, breached the walls, killed the defenders, and destroyed the town. After the totem had fallen, they then spent a considerable amount of time ripping down the extensive walls, so that only scattered and gap-toothed sections remained.

With the north securely in their hands, the Ord regrouped in Chicago and began to prepare for an assault on the south. Two weeks later, the Ord crossed the River Dea and attacked two zerg settlements in quick succession, removing them from the world, looted and destroyed Leper's huts, and then besieged the well-fortified, heavily populated Iisian Temple. Resupplied by revivers and feeders from Iog, City of Gates, the siege went swiftly, and saw the temple razed, with only a few sections of wall left to stand as testimony to its existence.

Having conquered the south, the Ord then turned its attention to the islands, and launched an attack on Little Scotia, an old, unwalled settlement on Terra Nullis San. Despite the best efforts of the defenders, the settlement was overrun, and the defenders forced to flee to the mainland.
With nobody left to challenge them, the Ord returned to Chicago, and began a hunting campaign, finding and killing all those left in the world.