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The settlement described on this page has long since been erased from the world – good luck finding the ruins!
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Vital statistics
Location The Midlands
Inhabitants Nexals
Contact N/A


Arboros was founded in the then far south east on the southern edge of the Dark Forest by Rosslessness, its name being a combination of its founder and a description of the local landscape. It was the tenth settlement founded in Shintolin. Arboros was a village specializing in forest based pursuits. Its inhabitants engaged in wood production and hunting. It once had 7 longhouses, a workshop,a hospital, a campfire, 2 stockpiles and—through some strange magic—two totem poles.

Rosslessness eventually became stuck inside one of the totems, and being unable to move stayed there. Because both Totems inhabited the same space, it made one totem pole indestructible, and as such Arboros could not be destroyed. With Rosslessness being entombed in an indestructible, duplicated totem pole he did the only sensible thing possible;he declared himself a God. Eventually tiring off his godliness, and the fact he could no longer do anything Rosslessness eventually faded from memory.


After Rosslessness, Arboros was maintained by Esper. Arboros was the first to join the Nexal Empire under Alonai's Lavian Outreach program.

Arboros TodayEdit

No traces of Arboros remain, it being the site of a battle in the Great War. The settlement of Castle Clover now sits in that region, with the North-East tower and corner of the castle built over where Arboros once stood. It is not known whether any artifacts from Arboros remain to be discovered, or if the stockpiles were emptied at the time of destruction or looted in the time since.