my tribe has placed a second hut in the highlands and are bringing up supplies for another and the totem. our town will soon be founded. whoever put down that totem better run far far away, we're looking for you. they named it Hysteria. which they must have been in to anger a tribe of nine all headed up there now. when i have the energ im going to hunt whoever it is down and post his location to our other members, then we we'll get to work tearing down these huts and totem i suppose. one down two to go. the longhouse was destroyed and not 5 minutes later our tribe member Zorinth was able to take down the totem pole. Hysteria no longer exists.

we will now be working on bringing up food and supplies for our own constructions, and hunting down those who hindered our progress.

the tribe is now 10 members strong, those wishing to take the north from us will find themselves at the heavy end of our axes. -Bulldog

I, Woody, Founder and Leader of Woodia Eschate, declare war on the Draugr Nation!

The shifty westerners are gaining power, land and influence, while we here in the east kick our heels and mumble about having no land to expand into. I say we take their land!

Let us unite! We shall kill them in their beds and stick their heads on poles to warn others! We shall burn down their houses and violate their women! (or if there are women on our side, you can violate their men. We will hold down The Captn, leader of Draugrskog, and let you have your way with him...)

What say you? Will you join the campaign against the Draugr Nation?

Any who stand in our way will be squashed under our heels, and any who join us will get a share in the spoils! -Woody

The Draugr hope your citizens aren't too busy weaving baskets and making flower garlands to heed your call to arms... We heartily accept your challenge, although we don't think the Woodians truly have the stomach for war. Nevertheless we'll be happy to school you in it.

Let it be remembered that Woodia Eschate brought this misfortune upon itself.

Let it further be remembered that the first casualty of this war was none other than Woody himself. Slain, shortly after his declaration of war, by the Draugr warrior MadHatter in the first days of Spring in the Year 5. -TheCaptn

The fire dances tonight atop the Sacred Hill. The wind whispers, rife with the words of our forefathers. A bluish smoke arises from the pyre, and remains unaffected by the wind. The immaterial suddenly becomes corporeal. Spirits around me begin to manifest and become flesh. They speak with voices not heard of for years, and some even centuries. Not all are Our people. There are Draugr, Jacobi Tribe, Alskadians, Durnion, and other peoples unrecognizable. They do not fight, they do not bicker. They are all here to speak and impart their wisdom. Their pasts shape our futures, and our former transgressions shall fade with the smoke. --Lisalia