Castle Clover
Castle Clover
Vital statistics
Type Settlement / Citadel
Location Latis Plains
Inhabitants Garhepstedians and Cloverians

Castle Clover is a walled settlement situated in the Latis Plains, between the River Dea and the Dark Forest. It is the largest settlement by population. Its residents are worshippers of Goddess Meeyew.

Founding, Year 68Edit

Castle Clover was founded in midsummer of year 68 by Delon, then Chief of Garhepsted, who worked alongside Sac, Miejoe and Laura to build the great, clover-shaped walls that surround the settlement, in accordance with Delon's plans. With the walls complete, Delon placed the totem at the centre of the mighty castle - a new settlement to bring in a new era of peace and prosperity for the people of Garhepsted, and all Shintolians, who for too long had suffered at the hands of bandits and raiders.

Garhepsted was soon overrun by the bandits which the castle had been built to provide shelter and protection from - namely the terrible Brad Dahlia and his vicious and ruthless band of cut-throats. There was an exodus from the settlement, with many fleeing South along the dilapidated road leading to the castle, where they took up new residence.

The First Siege of Clover, Year 68 - c. 77Edit

The First Siege of Clover was a near ten year siege, with one side consiting of Garhepstedians, Cloverites and allies, and the other side consisting of the bandits that destroyed Garhepsted plus their allies.

The bandits that destroyed Garhepsted soon followed the Garhepstedians down to the newly founded castle, and begun attacking once again. The first couple of years were incredibly violent, with dazing an every day reality for all inside the castle, and even for those just travelling through the region. Several times the castle came close to falling and coming under bandit control, but thanks to the determination of the people and their will to continue the fight, Delon never lost his position as Baron. The siege however did take its toll. Starvation was a very real threat, and one that was impossible to deal with effectively, and several residents left the castle, fleeing from the carnage. The Cloverians were forced to change their tactics to remain in control, hiding out in the open plains, floodplains and the Dark forest rather than sleeping in the castle, so as to remain in control. The bandits, clearly noting this behaviour, built a stone wall across the entrance to the castle, effectively sealing it off. However, due to perhaps a lack of coordination or a simple failure in tactics, not all of the bandits were inside the castle, and Cloverians remained inside undazed. The bandits were dazed, and with the walls complete the level of violence dropped, thanks to the protection of the walls. In trying to defeat the Cloverians, the bandits had in fact turned the tide of the siege against themselves.

The Cloverians dug in to the castle, and food relief plus the start of farming within the walls solved the starvation problem. Attacks were still incredibly common, but with the strength of the fully completed walls, bandit raids were less efficient. Bandit tactics were noted to include remaining in the castle dazed, then when fully rested their allies would jump onto the walls, reviving them and exhausting themselves, but letting loose a fully energised bandit into the castle.

Despite these tactics, the Cloverians defended well, and after many years from the beginning of the siege, the attacks dropped in frequency and effect. Eventually, after approaching ten years, the attacks subsided completely, and the siege was broken. Castle Clover had survived, in the first large scale siege to effectively demonstrate the defensive bonus of having a walled settlement. It is also notable for being one of the only times the defenders have won and the attacking bandits have been repelled, a quite remarkable feat.

The Reign of Delon, first Baron of Castle Clover, Year 68 - c. 77Edit

Delon was the sole Chief of Garhepsted, from its founding right up until its destruction, and he carried on his role of leader by founding Castle Clover, and becoming the first Baron of the Castle in year 68. Delon remained in this position right through the First Siege of Clover and beyond, until eventually, seeing the settlement thrive during peace time, he passed on the title on to the High Priestess, Miejoe, around the year of 77.

The Reign of Miejoe, second Baroness and High Queen of Castle Clover, Year c. 77 - presentEdit

Miejoe inherited the title of Baroness from Delon as he left on a journey of self-discovery, and in doing so she brought the Castle into a new age. While staying true to the ideals of freedom, hope, and a safe-haven for all who wanted one, she agreed to join the Castle into the newly-revived Red Lemon Empire, a surprising move for a settlement that was the succesor to Garhepsted, a place incredibly proud and vocal about its freedom and independence, and against the oppression of Empires. But while Garhepstedians had been united against what they saw as evil empires of the past, like the Nexal Empire, Clover entered the Red Lemon Empire as an equal, and retained its right to self-rule.

During Miejoe's reign, the war known as the Inquisition began. An alien race, bent on the destruction of Shintolin itself, and known only as 'zergs', began appearing across the land, and several smaller settlements were destroyed. The Cloverians joined forces with their old nemesis, the Altan Ord, in order to combat this threat, their combined forces along with the Nexal Empire being known as The Inquisition.

The war became worse still when the Iceni, previously allies of the Castle, declared war upon the world, marching out from the settlement of Greystrand. Now the Cloverians find themselves fighting against two sides - the Zergs, and the Iceni Horde.

The Cloverian Reformation, Year 97Edit

In early Autumn, Year 97, the task of governing Castle Clover was split into two. High Queen Miejoe continues her role as leader and reigning monarch, as is her divine right given to her by the great Goddess Meeyew. With her unmatched powers of diplomacy she controls all foreign policy, and is the official head of the settlement. Delon has been appointed as Baron of the Castle, the democratically elected position which gives him jurisdiction over the internal affairs of the every-day goings on in Clover. This restructuring of government is known as the Cloverian Reformation.

Clover of Valour Agreement, Year 78Edit

On Mid Autumn, Year 78 (27.10.2011) the villages of Valour Hill and Castle Clover, in order to stabilize the region, signed a mutual agreement. Both villages agreed to help each other in time of need, and Castle Clover became an equal part in the newly proclaimed Red Lemon Empire.

The Inquisition, (15.02.2012)Edit

The rise of an alien race known only as 'zergs' threatened all of Shintolin, and so in order to combat this menace Emperor Waak and High Queen Miejoe declared their support to the zerg hunters and struck a truce with Revenant and agreed to fight the zergs wherever they were found. The Red Lemon Empire, Altan Ord and Nexal Empire became working partners to this end.

Stonetown Alliance, Year 91Edit

On Mid Autumn, Year 91, Sisyphus, Master Mason of Stonetown, declared Castle Clover as its friend and ally. Castle Clover did the same.


Delon - Previously Chief of Garhepsted and first Baron of Castle Clover, but has passed the reigns to Miejoe to undertake an amazing journey of self-discovery. He has now returned to the castle. Always up for a spear versus axe debate!

Miejoe - Known as Pizza to her friends, she is the Pie Priestess of the settlement, being in charge of both the shrines and the bakery - recently the entire castle, which she inherited from her foster parent Delon. Miejoe is the second Baroness and High Queen of Castle Clover and Priestess Empress of the Crimson Throne.

Sac - Resident Head Mason, keeps our mighty walls in a good shape. His loyalty is unmatched; he has been around since Garhepsted. One of Castle Clover's founders.

Laura - The world famous Laura, probably here for the huckleberry pie (but also helps make the place look better). A skilled poet and musician, Clover always feels that much better with her around. One of the original founders!

Dusk Raven - Loyal citizen. Rumoured to be Miejoe's shapeshifting pet dragon Dusky.

Jason Valer - A quiet but strong warrior who travelled across the land to answer the Castle's call for help.

Thief - A mysterious and stealthy individual, who prefers flitting from shadow to shadow inside the many buildings of Castle Clover. Also a skilled healer.

grogh - A strong, bearded warrior, who has proved his skills with a spear many times in the fight for freedom. One of the most reliable residents.

Blue – Kind, skilled, and especially helpful individual.

Sir Fuzzlebutt – Fuzzy but nice resident. Could use some wax.

Mathias Freeh - A silent enigma, yet endearing character. Has proved himself mighty in both strength and mind, and is always a welcome sight at the castle.

Milos - Good hunter and vigilant guard.

Cat Burglar - Makes the best flour in the whole world, always a great help.

Nafees - Amusing and friendly character, wonderful to have around.

Wilma - Kind medicine-woman, always ready to help when the Castle's residents are in trouble.

DrunkLink2500 - The Hero of Time, bearer of the Triforce of Courage, wielder of the Master Sword. Following destiny's call, he came to the castle to meet the Princess, but found a Baroness instead. May or may not drink too much.

Swarm - Master of the Phoenix Flames... I mean, campfire.

Janus Clarke - Friendly neighborhood Pancake Knight and Divine Architect of Castle Clover.

Chloe Freeguard - Baker and miller! Her flatbreads are the best in entire Shintolin.

Miljazzerson - Miller and proud producer of high quality flour.

Eowyn - A young Druid girl, kind of heart and pure of soul.

Sunflowerintherain - Sunflower, or Sunny, was one of the first people to find Garhepsted and take up residence. A skilled farmer and valued member, to the extent that the farm in Garhepsted carried her name. After a long absence, she has returned to the world of Shintolin, and joined her old friends in Castle Clover. Doesn't understand that spears are not as good as axes, though!

7thsealord - A kind traveller who claims to be looking for some strange place called 'Australia'. A skilled farmer and baker.

Sid James Sr - Charming old geezer, very popular with the ladies. Srsly needs a comb though.

Suze - Incredibly clever, deadly & hawt. But can't roast meat to save herself.