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Created by many of the members of Tribe Jacobi, Citrus Hill was based near Hermit Lake. It's people were friendly and welcomed strangers. Due to its close proximity to hills Citrus Hill had defined itself as the primary building site for stone tools and weapons. Citrus Hill was also the home for the throne of Red Lemon Empire, the largest kingdom by population before the separation after The Great War.

History of Citrus Hill Edit

The First Year Edit

Citrus Hill was founded by many of the members of the first attempt at creating a town. When the construction of Eudaimonia was complete, the Citroits found themselves to close to Eudaimonia to build a new village, and moved south. This great migration of the first tribe brought the members to a quaint little location with an abundance of hills and the first Lake, aptly named Lakeside.

The majority of Citrus Hill was built by Caveman, who was at Lakeside before everyone else. Many of the members of the failed Jacobi Tribe found their way down to this location. The town received its name from Buttercup, who named the town Citrus Hill because of the citrus shaped hills that dot the landscape.

The Naming of the Lake Edit

Citrus Hill continued to grow, with a new addition of Longhouses to help sustain the growing number of people. At the time, the region was still entitled Lakeside. The great creator Iis found the fledgling village of Citrus Hill, and decided to let the first inhabitants of the region to name the lake. One member decided on the name "Hermit Lake", which seemed to bode well with the general population.

The Harsh Winter (and subsequent famine) Edit

Citrus Hill, despite its vast amounts of stone materials, had a noticable lack of food. The nearby forest was cut thin, and the ground offered up little food. As fall approached, the village had very little food to give to its people.

The winter set in, and starvation and a desperate attempt at survival began. Yet the people of Citrus Hill fought on, and as spring approached, the people rejoiced and flocked to the Midland fields to find Onions and Wheat. The people had learned a valuable lesson; survival relied on farming.

The Citrus Hill-Eudaimonia Conflict Edit

During the second year, the Citroits found themselves thrust into a war by their leader Jacobi. Jacobi, still angered by how Eudaimonia was built before Jacobi Village, saw to it that war would happen. Jacobi spoke to the leaders of Woodia Eschate and the new town of Durnion, and formed a war-time alliance. The three busily prepared for what seemed like trouble, but the war never broke out onto the land.

The Citroits had their fair share of subterfuge however. Theivery was the most common form, but thankfully nothing fruitful came of the endeavours (i.e. war).

The cold war continued for many a year, until the leader of Eudaimonia, Eudaimon, abruptly left the game (for reasons better off left untold). The war then subsided.

The Scourge of JohnRambo Edit

For many years after the conflict Citrus Hill had lived in peace, with many of its members seeing no need in training combat skills. The people were so peaceful, in fact, that many had no reason to carry weapons.

The people of Citrus Hill had been hearing reports of a man attacking people in the forest to the east, with one such person coming to the village for aid. Naturally the Citroits helped the poor soul. The scarred individual spoke of one "JohnRambo", a man notorious for pillaging and murdering.

It was not long after that this JohnRambo found his way to Citrus Hill. After attacking and dazing the two leaders, AlexanderRM and Jacobi repeatedly, the village decided to give up its peaceful ways in search of justice. While the Citroits tried with determination, JohnRambo was never found and was presumed to have fled.

The Village Founder Leaves (and his subsequent return) Edit

The vote for village leader in Citrus Hill had often been considered odd as it was the one vote that always had an almost equal number of votes between two people. Jacobi, the one with the most votes, saw this as a sign that the people wanted not one leader, but two. Both AlexanderRM and Jacobi became leaders of the village. AlexanderRM handled village affairs, and acted as a diplomat in a time of agressive alegations. Jacobi focused more on visiting villages and developing friendships with people abroad.

One fateful day the vote slipped in favor of AlexanderRM, and Jacobi, somehow having forgotten that the two were still leaders, left and declared he was no longer a part of the village.

Despite his declaration, when the people voted for him yet again, putting him in power, Jacobi hastily accepted the leadership.

New friends Edit

On 30th of May (Mid Summer, Year 5) a new tribe wandered in to the world. They called themselves as "The Crimson Clan" and settled on at that time one of the most isolated places in the world - Feral Hills. Quickly the Clan leader Waak get himself into contact with Citrus Hill leader Jacobi when six village leaders met in Durnion. From this point onward relations between Crimsons and Citroits got closer and closer when finally the two leaders decided to form a nation. However, the two settlements were too far apart and thus the Clan moved south, leaving a few members patrolling Crimson Edge. After this the two groups started to work together, forming the foundations for Red Lemon Empire.

The Crimson Coup Edit


The Flag of The (First) Red Lemon Empire

During a short term of AlexanderRM's leadership in Year 8 The Crimson Clan, residents of Crimson Edge started planning to overthrow the government of Citrus Hill because of one flaw - multitude of leaders which caused instability in the village. Continuing of this instability might have caused a conflict between some of the settlements - and Crimson Edge would have been dragged in, also.

On the winter of Year 9 Crimsons started the coup to stabilize the village. This was the first coup where the leader of the target settlement hadn't gone inactive, making it an actual coup. On early spring of Year 10 Commander of Crimson Edge, Waak, was appointed to the leading position of Citrus Hill. Now the settlement is run by The Crimson King Waak but it still holds it's original name. AlexanderRM was "exiled" to Crimson Edge to take the governance over the Clan's home - but things weren't that easy.

Unity Conflict Edit

Almost after the Crimson Coup and foundation of a new powerful nation - Strongholm - in the new areas in the east, bandits moved in to Crimson Edge which was considered as Clan territory. Only under 24 hours earlier AlexanderRM had made his way to Crimson Edge, only to get dazed by a bandit. The bandits made frequent attacks on Strongholm and Deadwood territory and when a Deadwood member stopped by in Crimson Edge on his way to Strongholm he was dazed. This caused the two leaders - bullgod and Miss Elainious - to send troops in the settlement and take it over.

Before the assault made by combined forces of Strongholm Nation and Deadwood Citrus Hill leader Waak had contacted his friend in the east - kralmir, Village Elder of Durnion. They had made a deal that Durnion's forces go to Crimson Edge to take care of the bandits. The forces were starting their journey when Crimson Edge got besieged.

Things started to spark up. Waak declared that Strongholm should have informed the Clan about their intention to cleanse Crimson Edge and demanded that the troops in the settlement should be drawn back. This didn't happened. What happened was that Crowbar, a Strongholm member, was elected to leader and renamed the town as "Unity" - an action that in Citrus Hill's eyes was an absolute land grabbing.

Threats flew back and forth, both sides trying to proof their actions and opinions. Citrus Hill made an offer to UTF (United Tribes Federation, the name changes at the forums a lot) but as UTF turned down the offer Citrus Hill declared war. The conflict lasted only a few hours as Citrus Hill leader Waak gave one more chance for solution. The battling sides never met in a battlefield. Decision was made between Waak and bullgod - giving Crimson Edge under UTF's watchful eye and Crowbar in charge. However, the name was changed from "Unity" to "Crimson Unity" as Waak requested that the settlement should contain part of Clan's name.

Jacobi leaves (for real this time) Edit

A short time later, more land was discovered to the south of Citrus Hill (the Latis Plains, as it would later be called). Jacobi, seeking to leave officially, decided to build a handful of huts in the area. AlexanderRM came down a short time later and finished construction of the huts and placed a totem pole, calling the village "Name Pending". Jacobi then decided to name the village "Nampen", a fusion of "Name Pending". Assuming that Jacobi would name the village "Citrus Plains" AlexanderRM then decided to travel down to Nampen to set things straight. Jacobi then announced that Nampen was not a member of the Crimson/Citrus alliance, and AlexanderRM could not do anything about it.

More recently however, Nampen and Citrus Hill have joined together to become the Red Lemon Empire.

Marauder's Mound Edit

A group of bandits joined Citrus Hill, voted for themselves, and dazed the original members of Citrus Hill. Then they renamed it Marauders Mound.

This resulted in a short period of tyranny. To ease their control over the settlement the bandits destroyed the hospital and the stockpiles nearby the settlement - including the famous water stockpile from the early years. After wreaking havoc in Citrus Hill the bandits moved south to Nampen and took it over - giving Citrus Hill's residents a moment to retake the village.

Rebuilding The Empire Edit

Red Lemon Empire was left in ruins within two years by a group of bandits - with Nampen destroyed, the Empire's land capacity plummeted significantly. However this hasn't stopped the Citrus Hill residents from look forward to regaining their status as Hermit Lake's Empire.

Current Leadership Edit

Current Leader:

Crimson King Waak