Ruins I don't see any place called "Eudaimonia" on the map...
The settlement described on this page has long since been erased from the world – good luck finding the ruins!

Garhepsted has been destroyed, and no longer exists, but the people and ideals live on in the new settlement of Castle Clover

Founded in Late Winter of Year 47 by the once-bandit Delon, Garhepsted, located in the Feral Hills, is a village of free people. A place where nomadic wanderers can settle down and live in peace, free from the oppression of empires and free to do as they please, providing they stay within the laws. All are welcome, be they looking for a home, to trade, or simply a place to stay the night. However, thieves and aggressors shall be treated as such.

Sunflower farm is north of Garhepsted, and there is more farmland bordering the road that leads east out of Garhepsted towards the river, where water supplies are gathered. Long time resident Reborn tends to the fields and keeps everyone in Garhepsted well fed. Next to the farm is the Fertility Shrine - the first temple of Miejoeïsm, the religion of the people of Garhepsted. This temple's upkeep is seen to by High Priestess Miejoe, a resident of the settlement. Miejoe also runs her own bakery in the south-east of Garhepsted, where the finest bread in all of Shintolin is baked. Garhepsted is also renown for its legendary huckleberry pie, earning Miejoe the well-deserved title of Pie Priestess.

More recently the Hunter's Shrine has also been built, so that the people of Garhepsted can pay their respects to all of the Gods.

Also in the east of town, along the road to the river, is the stonemasonry, kiln and workshop. This area is vital for the expansion and upkeep of Garhepsted, being where everything is made.

The main longhouse, where everyone sleeps, is in the centre of town, a spear's throw north of the totem pole. Most of the time people can be found resting inside, talking, eating and sleeping. Feasts are also held in the longhouse.

To the west of town is the old hut and the main stockpile. In the south-west the hospital is under construction, and the main road leads out southwards into the Midlands, the entrance to the settlement watched over by the impressive (but useless) Guard House.