Who is Goddess Meeyew?Edit

The inhabitants of Castle Clover and Valour Hill are worshippers of Goddess Meeyew, the great feline deity who watches over them. Their religion is called 'Miejoeism', named after High Priestess Miejoe who in turn copied her name from Goddess Meeyew. Practicioners of Miejoeism are called Miejoeists.

Area of influenceEdit

Goddess Meeyew is rumored to have originated from the Dark Forest.

Despite being a deity, she hasn't always been powerful. She is said to have only been a kitten when she met her High Priestess in Babylon's ruins, which were just outside said forest in the Midlands. The presence of the symbol of Marquai could explain her initial weakness as Meeyew's powers seem to depend on her amount of worshippers.

Meeyew followed her High Priestess when ex-bandit Delon took her in, thusly becoming the protector deity of the newly founded Garhepsted in the Feral Hills.

Later, she migrated to the Latis Plains to watch over Castle Clover, the settlement of prophecy.


Miejoeism is the worshipping of Goddess Meeyew. The most important religious figure is High Priestess-Empress Miejoe, although the God Emperor Waak takes a prominent role in the army as its leader and comes as close second.

The difference between the High Priestess-Empress and God Emperor is that Miejoe is Meeyew's original prophet and is naturally able to see and understand Goddess Meeyew. She shares a symbiotic bond with the deity which is much closer than her militant counterpart's. There are some speculations that she might live as long as the goddess does. Although she does not possess the goddess' monstrous power, she has inherited wisdom, intelligence and perception.

On the other hand, Waak was blessed by Goddess Meeyew, granting him god-like strength, agility, endurance and a cat-like appearance, effectively transforming him into a demigod. He is capable of hearing the goddess' whispers and catching glimpses of her.

Together, the God Emperor and High Priestess-Empress make formidable opponents.

Myth of Goddess MeeyewEdit

Her now High Priestess met her when she was knocked out by a falling plank during Babylon's destruction as a child. When she regained consciousness, she found herself to be able to see the gods.

A large feline kitten unlike anything she had seen before was sitting next to the ruins of the hut and spoke to her. The mysterious creature explained her new ability and gave her some cryptic hints about her destiny, mentioning becoming the leader of a glorious nation. But she'd have to endure many hardships.

The girl and the feline formed a symbiotic bond. The deity known as Meeyew would watch over her settlement and the villagers' worshipping would increase the power of the goddess. Together, they grew strong and founded Garhepsted and Castle Clover with the ex-bandit who took in the girl, Delon.

That is how the girl who forgot her name and ancestry due to a head injury became High Priestess Miejoe, prophet of her goddess, who eats mammoths nowadays for she is great and fierce.