Before the beginning... A man is dreaming. In his dreams, there is a land, wild and chaotic, ordered and civil, which exists as long as he dreams. He may sleep for a year or a hundred, but as long as he dreams, the land persists...

The Creation Edit

A man walked an endless, shapeless dream plain. He saw nothing, as he thought nothing, and nothing was there. But soon he came upon an island, and he walked among its people. The people were bloodthirsty and war-like. Two classes, one who had forever lived here and one who was new. They fought endlessly, and, to this man's eyes, without cause. He decided to create a new land, one where there was no such division, where no blow would land without true reason. And so he walked among them, and gathered a multitude to listen. When he was sure there enough that at least some would listen, he began to speak. He talked of a land without such suffering, without such violence. A new land, a clean land, a land where meaningless predjudice would have no place. And some heard, and some followed, as he walked through the air, away from the island. Some were too devoted to their land, their small power, to follow. Of those who followed, most simply followed with the hope of a better place, a better life. Of a new home.

Our tribe is old as the world we walk upon, old as the River, old as the soil. In the beginning there was nothing but spirits and Iis, the creator. Then Iis made spirits to transform into ground, air, fire, water and all the other elements we see around us. Spirits made the first humans and Iis was pleased. Iis created flint and sticks for our tools, but there were no trees. "How can we make huts if there isn't logs?" we asked, and Iis saw the need for thick trees. He ordered spirits to take the form of trees, and all was better. "How can we hunt if there isn't animals?" we asked, and Iis saw the need for four legged species. He ordered spirits to take the form of animals, and people started to hunt... -Mill Wilkinson

And Iis said, "Let there be Shintolin", and there was Shintolin, and it was pretty awesome. --Jacobi

The Beginning: the Golden Age Edit

First there were only the Shintoli, but then new people arrived from the lands behind the great water. They called themselves Shartaks. They were full of ideas and strange beliefs, changing the ways of Shintoli. In time the Shintoli and Shartaks were one people, together working for the glory of Iis. The Shartaks and the Shintoli fought at first, but grew to admire each other. -Mill Wilkinson

The first people to arrive were heroes. Their strength was unlimited; neither weariness nor hunger touched them. Time sped by for them, a whirl of time and tide.