Hit points (or HP) are the representation of your physical well-being. Having the maximum amount of hit points at any given time is usually a priority. This is because when your hit points are reduced to zero you become dazed and aren't allowed to carry out many actions (crafting, attacking etc.). Every character in Shintolin starts with 50 hit points, and there is currently no way to increase that whether by purchasing a skill or otherwise.

You can lose health in two ways:

  • by being attacked by an animal or other player (you lose as many hit points as the corresponding damage you took)
  • by starving (reduces your current hit points by 3 and maximum possible health points by 2 every eight hours)

Hit points can be regained by using a thyme sprig on yourself or having someone else use a thyme spring on you. Each thyme sprig has the base healing value of 5 HP, but this can be increased to 7 HP if the person doing the healing has learnt the 'herb lore' skill. One can also recover by hit points eating honeycomb for 5 HP each. You can't heal above your maximum health and if your max hit points are decreased due to starving you can regain your max HP simply by eating.