IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a place that enables you to talk to other players from Shintolin in real time. This guide will aid you in connecting to IRC and the appropriate server.

Step 1: Find an IRC Client Edit

To connect to any IRC server, you will require an IRC client. There are many available, here are a few suggestions;

  • Xchat (Download link for Windows, but Xchat has many different builds for other platforms
  • Chatzilla (Chatzilla is a platform independent IRC client that works as an addon for Firefox)
  • Mibbit is a web-based IRC client and is good for if you do not wish to (or can't) install anything. Simply click Launch Chat on the front page, then input the required information into the server, channel and name boxes.

Step 2: Join the Server Edit

The Shintolin channel is located on the DALnet server, to join this server simply type;




Step 3: Pick a Nickname and Join the Shintolin Channel Edit

You can pick any nickname you want (providing no-one else has registered it before you), but it might be helpful to use one of your character's names. To pick a nickname simply type;

/nick <Insert name here> (Without the brackets) Once you have a name, come join the Shintolin channel. Just type;

/join #shintolin

And there you go, welcome to the Shintolin IRC channel!