The Great War has ended, oh Diary. The great Nexal Empire crumbled and cracked as the Northern Shintolin Coalition slowly overtook the forces of Masumi and Berserkas, laying waste to the once great cities of Cromahl-Hult and St. Germaine while capturing the City of Gates. Northcamp was spared any aggression as thanks for our unwillingness to participate in the war. The Coalition swiftly dissolved into the sum of its parts, confidant in their victory as the Nexals scattered to the four corners of Shintolin. The City of Gates was quickly abandoned and resettled by a handful of Nexals.

The North has fallen, oh Diary. The Nexal War Band gathered its allies and, in what I understand began as a police effort which quickly spun into all-out war, it systematically annihilated the settlements Willow Bend, Transmigrated Afterlife Party, Citruskog, Hillside Tavern, Citrus Hill, and Babylon. The only settlements left in the area are the now abandoned The Void, the Ancient Ruins under control of one of the Nexal's mercenary allies, and Wanderer's Way. --Alonai