Latis Plains are mainly vast grasslands and floodplains with River Dea flowing through the region. The region is known for its floodplains as they're the only floodplains in the world (after most of Terra Nullis Wu sank, the second floodplains with it). The northern plains are dominated by the settlement of Castle Clover, which is built at the narrowest point between the River Dea and The Dark Forest, making it unmissable for those travelling across the plains. Many other settlements currently stand across the large region, including the University of Shintolin, Claystrand Iceni, Town Laser Explosion II, Svenburg, Lake Bazaar and New Cromahl-Hult.



Latis Plains and its floodplains.

When Latis Plains were firstly discovered it was nothing but wide grasslands on the Eastern shores of Hermit Lake. However, soon after the River Dea was found most of the area around the river in The Plains flooded next spring. Outside the spring floods the floodplains provide clay, a major part in pottery and baking industry.

Back in the days when The Nexal Empire was in its power and ruling the Eastern parts of the Plains, the leader of The Nexal Empire wanted to perform a clay embargo, claiming all the floodplains for The Empire. Despite their best efforts they couldn't stretch their grasp in the Western parts of the clay-filled plains which, in turn, were under the dominance of Red Lemon Empire, small village states or unclaimed and free territory. This hole in ther embargo soon flattened the entire plan for clay monopoly.