Monte Cristo
Flag of Monte Cristo
Vital statistics
Type Island State
Location Scavenger Isles
Inhabitants Knights of St. Joan, Night Lords, and other indiginous citizens.
Ruins I don't see any place called "Eudaimonia" on the map...
The settlement described on this page has long since been erased from the world – good luck finding the ruins!

"Monte Cristo is built upon the remains of the Scavenger Isle settlement. Following a misunderstanding when a vagabond under the guise of Scavenger Island dazed Laketown diplomats, we responded with force, and following the Nexal invasion we moved onto the island."

-excerpt of the Monte Cristo declaration, by former Count Roderik.


A small island community and member of the Northern Shintolin Coalition. Following the Nexal War most of the inhabitants left for other shores. Monte Cristo was originally settled by the citizens of Laketown following the eradication of the settlement by the Nexal Empire. During the war, the soldiers of Monte Cristo made a hard march through the southern plains and the flood plains to flank the Nexal Empire and strike at settlements, vengeance for the destruction of Laketown. The soldiers took Iog, City of Gates with relative ease, most of the Nexal soldiers being away at war. Taking what supplies they could from the captured city, they turned their sights on Northcamp. After the initial attack, Roderik began negotiations with Alonai to get Northcamp made into a demilitarized zone, to house the peaceful Nexals. Berserkas allowed it, and so the military forces of the island settlement moved on Cromahl-Hult. This time instead of taking the city it was brought down, and following that, St. Germaine.

After the war, most of the citizens of Monte Cristo did not return, disappearing, or settling down elsewhere. Monte Cristo now sits silent and uninhabited.


Knights of St. Joan Edit

-Roderik: The former count of Monte Cristo, now Knight-Commander of the Knights of St. Joan, residing in Northcamp

-Snakeyes: Former Night Lord, now Knight-Captain of the Knights of St. Joan.

-Marcos: Missing

-William McHawk: Missing

The Night Lords





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It is asked that you kill any and all geese whenever possible.


Not much of anything.

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