Oh No! I have a Necromancer In My Back Yard!Edit

Ok, the first thing to do is NOT PANIC. Resist the implanted urge of "kill it kill it kill it". Necromancers on Shintolin are a decent bunch, they're the guys who go around battlefields tending to the wounded and helping the dead back onto their feet. This does not mean you will be walled in by zombies (well there was one incident but that was because someone mixed up the tea wrong).

So welcome your local necromancer, even buy him or her a drink. Because when the chips are down, odds are, he or she will be the one to make your day a little bit brighter by reviving you.

Becoming a MemberEdit

Our rules are simple. Revivification of all who do not harm us. If there is a war on we will revive both sides. If there is a organised battle we will provide free revives afterwards. All in all we are the people who bring you back from the dead and heal you up.

If you are interested in becoming a member we ask you to embrace this philosophy.

1) Make as many revive items as possible

2) Provide revives to anyone who needs one

3) Do not revive people who have killed guild members without good reason.

Nice and simple. Other than that feel free to settle, wander or do as you like, though please note if you are an asshat to people we won't look after you and will happily revive them to kill you again and again ^_^

Spirit HutsEdit

Hut RulesEdit

Think of these as revive points and places of rest for healers. At the moment these are unestablished, however once the guild gets a few more members we will be asking settlement leaders for permission to set up a spirit hut just outside their settlement. An official spirit hut (when completed) will comprise of a cottage, a stockpile and a campfire. The stockpile is simply to be kept stocked with wood and some food. We ask all members who use such huts to leave them as they find them.

In the event of a hut's destruction we ask that it be reported on here so we can send a repair team out. Destruction of an official spirit hut will result in blacklisting.

Existing Spirit HutsEdit

New Raktam - Just east of the settlement (Complete, 2 resident necromancers) - Currently Destroyed.

The Midlands - Hutz's cottage - Currently up and running with a hunter providing food.

Wanderers Way- Town Meeting Hall (adopted to a Spirit Hut)- Currently up and running.

Official MembersEdit

Etherdrifter (

Jedrek ( )

Revive BlacklistEdit

Rules Of The ListEdit

If you've been killed by someone for no good reason then please suggest adding them to the blacklist on the talk page. Odds are it will be accepted but it gives people who are added a little notice and a chance to defend themselves, because mistakes can happen. If you are killed when you have done nothing to aggravate your killer (yes that means if you troll then people have a damn good reason to kill you) then they will be added. When added to the list players will have a date after their name. This is when their blacklisting expires and they will be placed in the previous offenders table (for our records). Previous offenders are not on the revive blacklist. A first offence results in a month long revival blacklisting. A second offence results in a 3 month blacklisting. A third offence results in a 6 month blacklisting. A fourth offence results in a permanent blacklisting. Please note, if you are blacklisted already and commit an offence it will count as an extra strike.

The ListEdit

Previous OffendersEdit