The Night Lords Edit

First off, you might ask, who are these guys? Call us bandits, PKers, barbarians, whatever you want. When the day ends, we're always the same as all of you. Wanderers. Trying to survive. The only difference between us is that we will do anything to make sure that happens.

Leadership Edit

The Night Lords' leadership is fairly simple. We go by one "true" leader, the Lord of Death, to act as a motivator and a role-model, and then a council, which is what actually plans everything.

There are three current councilors. Who, you ask? I daresay, that's not to be told.

Contact Edit

Contact L, Skouth, or Ephraim on the Shintolin forums. Alternatively, to get quicker results, contact us on our forum hub.

History Edit

Apparently, with what little damage a few of our scouts did to Arboros, we're now considered a huge threat that should be addressed immediately. The way we see it, you want a war, we'll give you one. We will not start one though. We will burn and pillage, but not start gamewide wars. (this is a lie)