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Northcamp (alias The Jolly Lavian) was a settlement in the southern Latis Plains, known for its neutrality during the Great War and its altruism in the face of obliteration. It accepted any and all people within its walls so long as they did not seek to do harm to anyone residing there.

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Northcamp's Borders
Vital statistics
Type Empire
Location Latis Plains
Inhabitants Nexals
Contact N/A


Northcamp was a territory of the Nexal Empire: the remains of a bid by the former citizens of the Nexus to annex the entire southern half of Shintolin. Originally run by an Invisible Elephant, Northcamp appointed the Nexal Elder Power named Alonai as Northcamp's Caretaker once it became apparent that the Great White Fog had enveloped the elephant. Soon after Alonai's election, a great war broke out between the Nexal Empire and the Northern Shintolin Coalition. Alonai refused to send Northcamp to war even in the face of an attack by the North, and instead the citizens of Northcamp healed Nexal and Northerner alike. The Coalition was moved by this display, apologized for their hastiness, and agreed not to involve Northcamp in the war. The Nexal Empire allowed Northcamp its demilitarization, and so it acted as a home for those tired of the ravages of war through the Great War.

While Alonai did her best to keep Northcamp stocked with food and happy thoughts, her specialty laid in healing and not architecture, and her resources were stretched very thin as she attempted to do many things by herself. It was not until the arrival of Happy Trauma, a former Pirate of R'lyeh, and Jutia, a healer with a penchant for snakes, that Northcamp truly began to thrive. With the three of them working together, Northcamp gained stone buildings and a hearty supply of wheat.


The culture in Northcamp was largely Nexal in origin, which meant they spend much of their time reminiscing about things long passed. Many of the people seemed somewhat uncomfortable to have lost the amenities and forms they had grown used to as supernatural beings from St. Germaine. Things like plumbing, electricity, and having wings were very important to their old way of life, and breaking old habits had been something of a chore. Many of the native peoples of Shintolin also joined Northcamp, and were helping the once mighty Nexals adapt to a world without the magic of technology or, well, magic.

Politics Edit

Northcamp was a demilitarized zone in any and all conflicts, and didn't condone violence in its borders. Northcamp was highly inclusive, allowing people from all walks of life within its walls, and welcoming with open arms even those who claimed to hate the Nexal Empire.

Allies Edit

The Nexal Empire

The Northern Shintolin Coalition

Enemies Edit

While some may be hostile to Northcamp for its Nexal ties, Northcamp returns none of this hostility.