Northern Shintolin Coalition (NSC)
Flag of NSC
Vital statistics
Type Alliance
Location North and Central Shintolin
Inhabitants Multiple tribes

Northern Shintolin Coalition (NSC) was an alliance between many nations and villages in the North and Central Shintolin, and its main purpose and reason of founding was to repel the assault of The Nexal Empire against rest of the world. The headquarters resided in the now destroyed city-state of Vackra Alskade. After the end of The Nexal War NSC quickly fell apart due to disagreements with Freyja and other leaders in the Coalition.

Politics Edit

Foreign politics of NSC were highly pro-Northern and thus they hardly saught treaties with the Nexals. Only one exception stood - Northcamp was left standing due to its peaceful intentions. The domestic policies weren't as straight-forward issues - due to many tribes operating within NSC disagreements happened often but they are solved quickly.

Notable Members Edit

Vackra Alskade

Red Lemon Empire

The Draugr Nation

Monte Cristo