Ruins I don't see any place called "Eudaimonia" on the map...
The settlement described on this page has long since been erased from the world – good luck finding the ruins!

Rambonia was an old settlement located in the Midlands, named after its leader JohnRambo. He was the leader of a mass immigration of players (from the SomethingAwful forums).


As New Woodia EschateEdit

After some careful thought and random discussion, the villagers of Woodia Eschate decided to move their totem off the hill, and slightly further east, opening up more building opportunities, better protection, and a neater town. The village was once again headed by Woody.

As ZujingshenEdit

Time went by and people began to hear of the changed Woody, of his new ways, the new town and hopes and dreams. As the settlement grew so did the population working together to build a better life.

Out of nowhere a man came stumbling from the dust. Looking worn and torn. unable to speak as his mouth was so dry, Woody and Lisalia tendered to him in the makeshift hospital. This man was Sal Prospero. He was a traveler from distant lands, further than the grasps of your imagination. He learnt their language much before they learnt his. And taught them much.

After hearing this tale he suggested that they rid themselves of the connotations that went with the name of the town and truely start fresh. A vote was cast, and a new era began.

Founding of RamboniaEdit

JohnRambo returned to his village of old and gained power, changing its name to reflect his new position as "God-King". The old leaders have left in disgust over the changes, but the settlement remains inhabited.


Lead by the First Blood Priest. This leader carries out the wishes of their god-king JohnRambo.

To contact them you can reach them here:


As one would expect the culture has turned to one of bloodshed. The once peaceful villagers and leaders have moved on. Those left worship their leader as a god on earth.