The Red Lemon Empire
Flag of The Second Empire
The Imperial Realm
Vital statistics
Type Empire
Location Hermit Lake, Midlands & Latis Plains Regions (Central Shintolin)
Inhabitants Crimsons, Citroits & Garhepstedians
Contact [1]

The Red Lemon Empire (RLE) is a nation of three villages currently lead by God Emperor Waak, The Count of Valour Hill. The Red Lemon Empire was the second kingdom created in the World, and is the largest multi-village state by both population and land mass it claims.


The First Red Lemon EmpireEdit

The Red Lemon Empire was formed when Citrus Hill, residence for The Crimson Clan originating from Crimson Edge (later known as Crimson Unity) and a town called Nampen run by Jacobi signed a treaty that formed the nation. Shortly thereafter, the First Empire was attacked by a group called the Marauders, who destroyed Nampen due to Jacobi's harsh words towards them. Although the First Red Lemon Empire lost its second village, they retained the name, and invaded a village down in the Latis Plains and named Citrus Plains. However, the said village was also destroyed and a new one was built on top of the old namesake's ruins.

The Great W

The Flag of The First Empire

ar, also known as "The Nexal War", proved to be the undoing of The First Empire. Despite RLE troops' accomplishments in the Nexal territory - resulting in the destruction of three settlements of Nexal origin - the Nexal troops managed to burn down the capital Citrus Hill, effectively ripping apart the nation.

For more detailed history of The First Red Lemon Empire', check Citrus Hill

The Second Red Lemon EmpireEdit

Decades after the conclusion of The Great War, the old ruler of the Empire Waak returned and managed to take the leadership of Valour Hill, the settlement inhabitated mainly by citizens of The First Empire. This marked the revival of The Empire, and currently consists of the settlements of Valour Hill, Castle Clover and Lake Bazaar, on northern, southern and western sides of The Dark Forest respectively.

The Second Empire has takend an active stance against an alien race, shortly known as "zergs".


The First Red Lemon Empire boasted a diverse and strong culture based heavily on the Crimson Clan culture. For instance, banners of red and burgundy hang around the town, in reverence to the Crimson King. However, strong aspects of the original Citroit culture stayed, such as a mistrust of certain strangers and a dislike of stockpile thieves.

The revival brought new cultural aspects to the lifes of Imperial Citizens and more uniform culture. Along the old ways of the past Imperial Citizens have grown to be more outwards oriented, more than excited the world beyond the borders. The Emperor is very interested in cartography of the World, and keeps a full archive of maps in his residence.

Political viewpointEdit

The Second Red Lemon Empire sees itself as "The Middle Kingdom", the sole nation on Midlands. As such the Empire is looking always outwards, seeking allies and friends abroad. The good relations between RLE and Iceni Empire (ruled from once-RLE colony Greystrand Iceni) deteriorated after RLE's annoucement to support The Shintolin Inquisition, and both nations are now at a state of war. Before this, however, The Empire forged alliances with the working forces of the Inquisition - Altan Ord and The Nexal Empire, the latter being old enemies from The Great War.

The Empire's highest figure is The God Emperor who makes the final decisions in important matters. Individual settlements are ruled by local nobles and their opinion is taken to account in foreign politics.

Villages Edit

Valour HillEdit

The first Imperial Village and the crafting capital of The Second Empire. VH is considered to be direct descendand of the old capital of Citrus Hill. The village locates on the Southern banks of River Euphenics, just North-West of The Dark Forest and on the foot of Hill of Valour. On the other side of the river lies the barely visible ruins of Vackra Älskade. A major road through The Midlands goes through Valour Hill, as well.

Valour Hill is the home of the Red Lemon Empire's crafting industry, with the Dark Forest a short distance away and a hill located within the settlement. The city is also within close proximity to the river, boosting the agriculture of the settlement.

Castle CloverEdit

The largest village of The Red Lemon Empire, and most heavily fortified as well. CC was founded by the previous inhabitants of Garphested looking for a perfect spot for a castle. The castle locates on the Southern edge of The Dark Forest, just north of the floodplains of River Dea. It's North-Eastern tower is built on top of the ruins of Arboros, the location of the first battle in The Great War.

The castle can sustain itself thanks to the proximity of River Dea, but crafting industry is harder to maintain due to the distance to the closest hills.

Lake BazaarEdit

Lake Bazaar is the newest addition to The Red Lemon Empire, and as such is considered to be an outpost to the Imperial court, pushing the border farther away to West from the two important villages.

Relations Edit

Friends of The Empire Edit

  • Stonetown
  • Brookhaven
  • Altan Ord
  • The Nexal Empire

Threaths to The Empire Edit

  • Zergs
  • Iceni Nation