Scavenger Isles is the name for a group of island lying within Hermit Lake. It was also the name for a small settlement residing on one of the islands

Scavenger Isles


In the early days mankind discovered a small set of three islands located within the the main large lake the makes up our world. Those few that were brave enough and seeking a reclusive life braved the water and went on to settle these lands. Overtime these people had developed into their own culture and had forgotten the traditions and habits of mainland peoples. One day, however, the shore was littered with mainland peoples and they took a new residence in the islands after their mainland home had been infested. Nowadays the islands are quiet with hardly anyone living on the harsh islands.


Not much is known of the culture in the islands. It's not a place many people bother to travel and the older generations freely left the islands to trade clay with those on the mainlands. What little learned so far with talks with these men had shown they had developed their own unique dialect, habits, and a peaceful nature with other peoples.