"Lost in the wilderness and on the verge of starvation, I awoke one day to find that this wondrous place had appeared under my feet or rather next to them, I was standing in an ocean!" -John Juraz

Location Edit

This place is an island and in more ways than one. It is located somewhere in the wilderness detached from the mainland and is surrounded by ocean tiles. Its exact location is strictly a secret so if you do find it don't go telling everybody where it is. However, as it was destroyed by the Nexans, it is probably somewhere near them. The other "Terra Nullis" lands are far to the south. Take this with a grain of salt young grasshopper...

Resources Edit

The island had the most diverse set of tiles of all the regions so far, there were mountains, cliffs, hills, grasslands, forests, floodplains, swamps, hotsprings, rivers, and beaches. After the Avalon was destroyed much of the island sank into the ocean Wu lost all it's rare tiles.

There isn't any wildlife there.

Settlements Edit


-Shipwreck Ise

--Sustan T Remmer 22:47, November 17, 2009 (UTC)