The Bunny War (name given by TheCaptn) was the first actual war in Shintolin. The parties in the war were Woodia Eschate (led by Woody) and The Draugr Nation (led by TheCaptn).

Early Spring, Year 5Edit

  • The First of Woodia Eschate, Woody possibly goes insane and declares the very first war in Shintolin against The Draugr Nation, "citing bunnies or something"
  • Klarmir raises the issue of Durnion Mercenaries but Woody doesn't call them in service
  • First victim of the war, Woody, gets dazed by MadHatter in a hut south from Vackra Alskade. The Jarl of Draugrskog, TheCaptn, is the second victim of the war as he's dazed by Elva in the same hut. 16 minutes after his dazing, MadHatter (who is attacked by Elva but survives) revives TheCaptn
  • The two sides of the war break contact with each other

Mid Spring, Year 5Edit

  • Woody and Elva possibly move to Citrus Hill to get healed and revived
  • JohnRambo is caught in a hut North-West of Woodia Eschate and dazed
  • The Draugr Nation gather at various points outside Woodia Eschate and prepare for an assault
  • Somewhere in the later parts of Spring Woody declines the offer of Durnion Mercenaries

Late Spring, Year 5Edit

  • Woody and Elva make an assault on Draugrvik when The Draugr thought they would attack Draugrskog. The Jarl of Draugrvik, Noxican, falls under attack but survives. Before retreating to the Wilderness the two Woodian assaulters damage the hospital.
  • Both Woody and Elva are found in the Wilderness and dazed
  • The Draugr Nation makes an attack on Woodia Eschate and dazes all Woodians who are in the settlement. The Draugr believe that Lisalia is the only one who's not dazed as she wasn't at the village during the assault
  • First buildings in Woodia - a Workshop and Hospital - are burned down

Early Summer, Year 5Edit

  • Second Workshop in Woodia Eschate is ruined
  • Gudang dazes TheCaptn, MadHatter and DavesGang in various longhouses around Woodia Eschate. This is counted as a major counter-offensive against The Draugr Nation.
  • Woody possibly accepts the offer of Durnion Mercenaries
  • The Draugr Nation declares victory in the first war in Shintolin (dubbed "The Bunny War") and terms of surrender are sent to Woodians. Warriors of Draugr retreat to give time for decision by the losing party.
  • Woody and Elva arrange another assault against Draugrvik - this time they damage the hospital down to one third and vanish.

Mid Summer, Year 5Edit

  • Ceasefire takes place between the parties
  • Draugr Nation becomes convinced that Woody is arranging a new offensive instead of debating the terms of surrender with his people. The Draugr Nation begins to organize a coup.
  • Draugr Warriors rush Woodia Eschate one hour before the daily update to stage a coup d'etat against Woody and in favor of Lisalia.

Late Summer, Year 5Edit

  • Lisalia becomes the new leader of Woodia Eschate. Reparation levels in terms of surrender are halved due to leader change.
  • Most of the soldiers of Draugr return home, believing the war is over. A small amount of Draugr are left behind to monitor reparations collection.

Early Autumn, Year 5Edit

  • After the decisive victory, The Draugr return to their homeland. Woody gets back to his old position through default (50-50 in support). Rebuilding of Woodia Eschate has begun.