Nexal War
One of the many battles over VA
Vital statistics
Participants The Nexal Empire VS NSC
Date Unknown
Location Global

The Nexal War (sometimes referred as The Great War) was a conflict between the Nexal Empire and the Northern Shintolin Coalition.

Causes of the WarEdit

Most of the original reasons behind the outbreak of this conflict are lost, many of the commanders and leaders of both sides having left for new shores. What is known is there was a long standing animosity between Freyja, leader of Vackra Alskade and a key member of the NSC, and Berserkas, Tomb King of the Nexal Empire. Along with that, the Nexal Empire's destruction of the settlement of Laketown spread ill will among the refugees that took up residence in Monte Cristo.

Forces InvolvedEdit

The Nexal EmpireEdit

Lead by: Berserkas

Nexal War BandEdit

Lead by: Berserkas

Non-violent NexalsEdit

Lead by: Alonai

Northern Shintolin CoalitionEdit

Lead by: Anthor

Vackra Alskade ForcesEdit

Lead by: Freyja

Crimson Army (Red Lemon Empire)Edit

Lead by: Waak

Monte Cristo ForcesEdit

Lead by: Roderik

The Dragr Nation ForcesEdit

Lead by: Elsie do Goodz

The ConflictEdit

Here is an overview of how the forces moved and actions they took.

The Nexal Empire MovementsEdit

Northern Shintolin Coalition MovementsEdit

Vackra AlskadeEdit

Red Lemon EmpireEdit

First stages of the war The Crimson Armies lead by King Waak stayed on defensive, supporting in the defense of Vackra Älskade. Moving on offensive, the soldiers moved to Cromahl-Hult to meet Roderik's advance group there and bring the settlement down but as Roderik took time to make a peace deal with Northcamp, RLE soldiers dazed the villagers left to the home front to make the initial destroying of the settlement easier. Finally Monte Cristo soldiers arrived and the village of Cromahl-Hult was destroyed with combined forces. This freed the soldiers of both groups to move into St. Germaine.

Monte CristoEdit

Monte Cristo forces divided into two strike teams and left the island, stopping to resupply at the ruins of Laketown, and took two separate ways towards the south to Iog. The first group went by land through the settlement of Araboth, stopping to daze the sole inhabitant, before moving on to Iog. The second team went straight to Iog, having gotten bogged down in the flood plains and behind the other team. The soldiers took Iog, City of Gates with relative ease, most of the Nexal soldiers being away at war. Taking what supplies they could from the captured city, they turned their sights on Northcamp. After the initial attack, Roderik began negotiations with Alonai to get Northcamp made into a demilitarized zone, to house the peaceful Nexals. Berserkas allowed it, and so the military forces of the island settlement moved on Cromahl-Hult. This time instead of taking the city it was brought down, and following that, St. Germaine. After the fall of the Nexal capital, the forces moved to reinforce Vackra Alskade, but arrived too late to make a difference.

The Draugr NationEdit

The Draugr, the most successful military village up to this time in Shintolin, entered the Nexal conflict only after her primary ally, the Vackra Askalade (VA) requested assistance in December 2009. The Draugr were unconcerned over the monopoly claimed by the nexals over clay, and only began to become concerned when the Nexals declared war on Shintolin entire.

Although they rushed to defend VA, They joined the anti nexal coalition reluctantly. Most Draugr only had a supporting role that benefited the more aggressive Draugr who went to the sites of the conflict. This was based on the Draugr's previous experience that Shintolin conflicts require effective supply of tea, revives and thyme more than the axeman ship to be successful. There were only a few of the Draugr who went to the defence of VA and the subsequent demolition of the Nexal Villages. Once again the strong supply lines and medical help was the key to the effectiveness of the Draugr in the field.

The alliance was an uncomfortable one, particuallry with the citrus empire who were always regarded by the Draugr as piratical and unreliable after Waak & others taking over the original leadership.

Orders of Battle:

Noxican and Elsie Do Goodz were the leaders of the Draugr component, other Draugr directly involved were returning draugr from hibernation The Cptain and Hellequin. Other note worthies included 808, Strom, Rosie McGowan, Splicer, Feargamin and Razimunchkin.

Defence of VA

Destruction LOG city of gates

Attacking and beginning the Diplomatic discussion of the DMZ of Northcamp.

Defence of Draugrskaal

Destruction of Cromhal-Hut

Destruction of St. Germaine (Grassy Knoll Books at the time of ruining)

Noxican declared the ending of Draugr involvement of the conflict on January 04, 2010. Draugr withdrew to rebuild VA or return to the homeland.

End of the Nexal WarEdit

In the end both sides declared victory and no peace treaty was signed (exception being Northcamp). Technically both sides are at war - but with the disbanded NSC no longer active The Nexal Empire could be declared as the winners of the war.