Valour Hill
Provincial Flag of Valour Hill
Vital statistics
Type Settlement
Location The Midlands
Inhabitants Crimsons

Valour Hill was built on the ancient ruins of Jacobi Village, a not-so-narcissistic village envisioned by none other than the player Jacobi. It was later commandeered by Waak who proclaimed the creation of The Second Empire.


Valour Hill is home to the Hill of Valourous Deeds, a mound of earth imbued with the powers of austerity, chivalry - and stone. Its

The flag of Waak's Valour Hill before The Recreation

powerful, earthly magic taught the first settlers how to shape wood into huts, staves and flint into weapons, and cooked meat into rotten meat.

The settlement was also the first to be part of The Second Red Lemon Empire. With the Clover of Valour Agreement the newly-created neation secured its second settlement across the Dark Forest - Castle Clover. The two settlements have then shared common goals.



The settlement is mainly inhabitated by the remains of The Crimson Clan, the once-large civilization on the shores of Hermit Lake (and the main residents of The First Red Lemon Empire). An occasional traveller may come by as they make their journey across The Midlands.


With The Hill of Valorous Deeds and The Dark Forest within vicinity of Valour Hill the settlement is a hub for craftmanship and with a river flowing nearby agriculture is booming.

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