Located in the Midlands, this settlement is located on wooded shores of a mysterious lake. it remains a difficult place to find unless you know where to look. its inhabitants welcome visitors happily but still value their seclusion. 

On Friday 2nd of April, 2010, this settlement was found demolished. No information about who - or what - destroyed WitchHollow.
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The village of WitchHollow


Founded as a haven for Witches, Shamans, Witchdoctors, Vodoo Priests, and other purveyors of the healing and the dark arts, where they can practice their craft in privacy away from the eyes of civilization.


The people of WitchHollow have always been run by a head witch or warlock. That head witch was for a long time Camillia the founder of Witchhollow. Of late she has passed the reigns of power over to nyctos.

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The people of WitchHollow are known for their seclusion but also for their peaceful ways. They are healers who practice the dark arts in the hopes of taming them for good, but some have seen they are not afraid to use them for other purposes if provoked.