There are 4 types of experience points, wanderer (rXP), herbalist (hXP), crafter (cXP) and warrior (wXP).

Points of each type are accrued from type-specific activities and are spent on type-specific skills. They are capped at 1000 XP of each type.

Wanderer XP Edit

There are many different ways to get rXP:

  • There is a chance to get 1 rXP when moving through forests or hills.
  • Finding an item gives 1 rXP.
  • Building a campfire gives 5 rXP.
  • Chopping down a tree gives 2 rXP

Herbalist XP Edit

hXP can be obtained by creating and using herbal medicine.

Crafter XPEdit

cXP can be obtained by crafting and building.

Warrior XP Edit

  • Every successful attack on an animal gives (damage dealt/2) wXP.
Killing an animal gives +10 wXP
  • Every successful attack on a person gives (damage dealt/2) wXP.
Dazing blow yields damage+10 wXP.
  • Every successful attack on a building gives (damage dealt) wXP, with a bonus of 10 wXP being given upon destruction. [Inconclusive fact]